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The Downloader control lets you download files from the network. It supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols with authentication, that is, with the possibility of verification of credentials. It allows you to personalize the settings to the protected network resources. Using a standard HTTP you are more sure the data transfer will not be blocked by firewalls.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - Downloader

The configuration of the Downloader control consists in specifying the URL to the file that the user is about to download and specifying any login information. Downloading the file takes place at the location you indicated. The progress bar and the amount of data collected will allow the user to know how long it may take to download the file depending on its size and link speed. You can also show or hide individual elements of the Downloader control according to individual needs. You can use the Downloader control as a BOX in a secure network space, such as the Enterprise Application Center, which will only be used by authenticated users of your organization.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - Downloader

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9 language versions

Additionally, an interface is provided through which the developer can easily program any other language.

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The programmer chooses the colors according to the design needs. You can also define your own appearance.

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Possibility to present, hide, block individual controls elements. Our WinForms Controls are components and contain many elements.